Sunday, May 15, 2011

Portal 2

Jesus, I just finished playing Portal 2 and man oh man is it a good game.


Well for me the best part of the game was when the ending started...
The Turret Opera.....
When Glados realized that she was part human and then cared for Chell.

Now what I will say now might sound crazy but it adds up perfectly.
As we all know Glados was part Caroline.
And it was obvious that Caroline had a relationship with Cave Johnson.
Well I think they had a daughter...... Chell.
It actually adds up.
In the ending opera the words were

Cara, bel, cara mia, bella bambina, oh Chell, que lastima, que lastima! Cara mia, addio.
Mia bambina, cara, perchè non passi lontana sì lontana da scienza? Cara, cara mia bambina, ah mia bel, ah mia cara, la mia cara, la mia bamina, oh cara, cara mia...

This means (more or less) 

Dear, beautiful, my darling, beautiful little girl, oh Chell, what pain, what pain! My darling, goodbye.
My child, my dear, why not walk away, yes far from science? Darling, my darling daughter, my beautiful, ah ah my darling, my darling, my darling child, oh, my darling ...

Notice the “My child, my dear“ part..... 
I really dont think Glados actually deleted Caroline.....
She really didnt want to let Chell, he only friend go.....

It all makes sense now, doesnt it?

Only VALVe would be so awesome to add an actual *opera* to their game..

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